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Ravenshead Bootcamp


In our Ravenshead WarriorFit boot camp we use a wide variety of equipment from Ski-Erg, rowing machines & olympic weights to slam balls, sandbags & kettlebells. These are combined with sprints, mobility drills, plyometrics and various body weight exercises.

We make sure you are able to use all the pieces of equipment safely and correctly, we take time to make sure you know what you are doing & feel confident. These classes are tough, challenging but great fun & are an ideal way to improve your functional fitness. This class is a great way to get and keep fit & has a wide range of ages attending, from 19 to 60 plus. If you are a runner or a cyclist or play any sport and want to improve this class will definitely help you.


The most important thing to us is the consistent quality of training that you receive from an experienced instructor with more than 30 years of teaching fitness, martial arts and with recognised fitness qualifications.



Wednesday 6.30pm-7.15pm

A New Challenge Every Week

Saturday 10am-10.45am

Bootcamp  Workout For Strength & Conditioning

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