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Elite Fit Studio Ravenshead

What makes us here at Ravenshead's Elite Fit Studio different is we are a family business that cares for our clients in a way that only a family business can. We don't promise quick fixes, we don't sell phoney supplements we Just concentrate on providing the best fitness training experience we can. 

You are an individual and we take time with every client to make sure that they are receiving the best we have to offer. 

John has been a fitness and martial arts instructor for more than 40 years. Lucy has been a Personal trainer for more than 8 years, Kim has been part of our fitness family for more than 6 years now and is now a personal trainer in her own right. 


So if you are looking for a qualified & experienced personal trainer in Ravenshead, Nottingham and don't want to settle for anything but the best then contact us for a free consultation today.

Join us today in our private fully equipped gym in Ravenshead to help you get  fitter, lose weight, get healthier & stronger, then you have come to the right place. 

We also have a great classes including Bootcamp, Strength Camp and Yoga. We limit the number of participants in each class so as ensure we can provide the best value fitness classes in the area. 

Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself 

Contact us now to find out how to join or book a FREE consultation 

Tel: 07575 384008


Elite Fit Studio 
29 Oakwood Drive, Ravenshead
NG15 9DP
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