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Flexibility, Core Strength,Energy & Relaxation

These classes are ideal for beginners to intermediate, and ideal for any age or fitness level.

These classes combine elements of yoga, Qigong, pilates, stretching & Tai chi helping the practitioners to improve core strength, flexibility, relaxation and breathing. 

We use different exercises combining use of yoga postures & stretches, Qigong breathing, pilates exercises and more.

For more advanced participants bands & hand weights may be used occasionally. We also use simple breathing exercises from Qigong to aid relaxation and improve breathing.

Various meditations are also practised to help with stress, anxiety and improve overall health. 

Yoga Practice

Yoga Classes

Tuesday Mobility & Flexibility  6.30pm-7.15pm

Level easy to moderate 

Friday Relaxation & Flexibility  9.15am-10am

Level easy 

£5 Per class

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Personal one to one sessions are available with John who has more than 35 years teaching experience.

These start from just £20 for a 40 minute session

Contact John to book a session or for more info

Pilates Work Out
Yoga Mats
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